Change of Plans

Nate is now working for National Fuel Gas Company at their corporate headquarters in Williamsville, NY (near Buffalo) and I can't remember the entire title I only remember the last part of .... Financial Analyst... sorry honey, I really do listen I promise! The timing couldn't have been better with me now on summer break to run the kids around. And he's got 2 and a half weeks of vacation that he HAS to use before January..... Jamaica for Christmas anyone?????

This has been his first week at the new job and it has been so much fun to see him excited about what he is doing. It is an hour and a half away, so far he said it hasn't been to bad but I haven't talked to him since he went this morning in the pouring rain, standing water and flood warnings from Cleveland to Buffalo! This is my dog Stupid in the back half of the yard under 5 inches of standing water as opposed to the front half that is only mildly wet. We have had thunderstorms on and off since 3 am... both dogs got scared and ended up in bed with us, they are worse than babies!

I will TRY to force him into blogging about it when he gets a chance but don't hold your breath.... I don't even know the last time he posted... he might be the blogs weakest link! Oh, wait, that title is held exclusively by JOLYN!!!!


Our New Ride

We have a new car!!!! I now understand the frustration with not getting your pictures to go where you want them on blogger, I wanted these first two pictures to be the last two pictures but whatever!

Here is a picture from the back seat looking forward... the kids love that they have control of their own A/C and heat as well as a couple of power plugs for their toys.

A view of the seats from the front, I can't believe how spacious it is!

It has been one year and one month since we sold Nate's little Toyota truck and have been a one car family.... again. This is a shout out to the crappy little Protege that has been through the ups and downs of this family like a trooper! Out of the nearly 14 years we have been married we have only had two cars for 5 of them and have NEVER owned a brand new car of our choosing, so we felt like it was time to step up to the plate!

We have been struggling with what type of vehicle to buy for the last several months, going back and forth between a midsize car, compact SUV or something bigger.

Something bigger won... this is the new Ford Flex, you either like it or you don't.... we happen to really like it! It seats 6 and has some really cool features like the voice activated media/phone sync.... I am a kid in a candy store when I am in it. It is a crossover so it drives like a dream and we are definitely having fun figuring out how to use everything!

Of course I had to give up chrome wheels and leather seats for more room, but I felt like it was good compromise and I hope Nate did too!



This is what it looks like after raining for 1 1/2 hours this morning, there was a creek running down the street, and we now have a pond so if the sun comes out we can go swimming!

And remember how our roof was leaking during the winter thaw and we had it fixed? Surprise! I guess not.

I don't think these flowers are going to survive at this point and it really makes me mad, anyone have a good fix? I tried building up the mulch around them yesterday and they did straighten up but after this morning they are pretty much laying flat on the ground.

The dogs definitely have the right idea for another rainy day... I am sure it won't last long, Bella is sure to want to go out and romp around at some point and the house will smell terrifically like wet dog all day!


Loving the lazy pace of summer

I haven't blogged anything for awhile and really don't have anything to blog! I have been waiting for one of two people that went to Mexico to post some more pictures and give me a complete run down!!

We had two days of good summer weather and took Liv and her friend to the beach on one... didn't take the camera though. It has been raining for 3 or 4 days now so we have been video gaming and watching movies to entertain ourselves.... not complaining about that at all! I am getting reacquainted with all the smut I have missed watching on TV.

Lex is doing a soccer day camp all of next week which she is excited for and then has a couple of basketball camps set up in July so of course she will stay entertained and busy as usual.

Liv is taking a tennis/swim class a couple times a week right now with a friend but as usual would have no problem hanging out with me or Nate all day. She is so, so, so excited for Mom, Rick and Jen to get here in a couple of weeks as am I!

I am thinking of cutting of my hair so any ideas are welcome. I decided I can't keep the length during the school year it just takes to much time to get ready in the morning with it long and I end up not doing it and throwing it in a ponytail and feeling really sloppy. It just seems like every time I cut my hair I like it for two weeks and am ready to grow it out.... hair, what is it good for!

Hoping you are all enjoying your summer too, love and miss you all!


The Bet

Lex: Dad, I bet I can win you in a race. (Imagine the taunting teenage voice)!

Nate: If you win I give you ten bucks, if I win you clean the bathrooms for the next two weeks.
Lex took the deal and the race was on with Liv at the finish line to officiate!

Here is a picture of Lex winning the race!

Nate: Best two out of three?

So the next race was from farther away which Nate thought would give him the advantage....

Lex taking an early lead....

Lex widening her lead.....

Clearly no need for a photo finish as she kicked butt! Better luck next time honey now pay up!


The Proposal

Denise and Brian came out for a visit this weekend. Brian had called us a couple of weeks prior and said he had bought a ring and was planning on proposing at Niagara Falls so we had been on pins and needles waiting for their arrival.

They got in Friday night and we BBQ'd out on the back porch and played a little croquet. Now, clearly, Brian was real anxious and excited because once we said good night and he was out of our sights for 10 minutes he decided to propose... in our LAME basement!!! Denise came up stairs to share the news and we will NEVER EVER let him live this down! (Love you Brian!)

Here is the newly engaged couple at the scene of the crime!! Congratulations!!!!

Saturday started out with dropping Liv off to her very first Girl Scout camp out. It was quite a fiasco trying to get there. We got within 3 miles of the campground to find the road blocked, we finally found the signs and detoured 16 miles out of the way to get there.....argh!!! Needless to say she was not the only Brownie 45 minutes late.

Liv had a wonderful time and when we picked her up the next day had earned a couple more badges and her troop had a lovely skit to perform for the parents. Even better they still have money left in their troop account so we were informed they will get another camp out in August.

So with Liv on a camp out and Lex in charge of the dogs and running around with friends the adults headed up to Niagara Falls. It is so beautiful it never ceases to amaze me and always takes my breath away. In the picture above insert a picture in your mind of Brian down on one knee proposing to Denise!!

Yes, we went to the same restaurant as we have been to in the past even though the food is total crap.... you just can't beat the view. We had some drinks and appetizers and then walked up the street for more drinks and some good conversation before settling on a new restaurant for dinner. And, yes, this was an eating vacation and several of us were always worried about where we might be getting our next meal. What we found was a new restaurant that we also would never eat at again, so thank goodness for good company!! As we left the restaurant it started pouring rain, Nate thought he could run the 4 miles back to the car and pick us up, um don't be 'dupid! We finally hailed a taxi and got back to the car and headed back to Erie.

Sunday we headed out to Presque Isle and took a little walk along the bay side and then headed over to the beach side. It was pretty chilly that day so we didn't stay to long, and we were all wondering where and what our next meal was going to be!

Before heading back to our house for a feast of Brian's famous crab legs we skipped a few rocks, or if you are me or Denise tossed some rocks in the water with a big kerplunk!

Thanks Denise and Brian for sharing such a wonderful event with us and putting up with us all weekend, we miss you already and can't wait to see you again! Can you believe my baby sister is getting married? Congrats again and get Jo on the planning committee ASAP!