Peach Festival, School and our Anniversary

Today we drove up to Lewiston, one of the towns near Niagara Falls, to the peach festival. It is a darling town across the river from Niagara on the Lake, on the Canadian side that we visited with mom and Jen earlier this summer. We met up with one of my friends, Heidi, who is in the area on one of her rotations.

We bought some local fruit from one of the stands and listened to some awesome music!

Lex got an airbrushed tattoo.

Liv picked up an alligator marionette.

And we all enjoyed some yummy peach shortcake!

School has started and as happy as I am about it there is always the inevitable irritation at homework and projects that they need help with. When I rule the world school will just be extended another hour or two so that the teachers that assign the blasted homework can be the ones to help do the blasted homework!

Liv was tickled to find out that as a 4th grader this will be her LAST year in elementary! Next stop middle school for 5th through 8th grade. She was also excited to find out that she has a locker this year so of course this required some decorating.

Our social butterfly (aka Lexi) is busy with friends, soccer and (of course) a new cute boy. So far she is loving high school and likes all of her classes, especially her Latin class.

Nate and I spent some time outside last weekend. This ground cover is going to be a never ending process. We made some head way in the front yard. Here is the before picture, this was actually taken 2 months before we moved in so the hedges were a little bigger, unruly and weed ridden by the time we decided to tackle it.

Here is a better look of those "cute" boat planter boxes!

I honestly don't know what to do with the hedges/bushes. We took out the two bushes closest to the driveway and thinned the others out but honestly we are considering taking everything out and starting from scratch. The ground cover is so ridiculous and I don't know how we kill it without killing everything else with it. Trimming up the tree's helped open up the house a lot. I think we will eventually get rid of the small one in front of the door all together and we would like to take a few more of those branches covering the window off of the bigger one but our saw thingy broke making it difficult to get to them.

The grass is a little dry, weedy and long... we haven't watered or mowed it once! This house truly is a work in progress.

Nate and I also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this weekend. We found a lovely restaurant where we spent 3 hours eating and enjoying each others company. Cocktails, stuffed clams, mac and cheese, sweet potato dumplings, crab, ribeye with gorgonzola cheese sauce and key lime pie.... yum!!!!

And I just love these two animals, they are so sweet when they snuggle so I had to add this pic.