House Hunting

After getting the house cleaned and ready to be shown today we dropped the animals off at the "Critter Sitters". It was a little dramatic. Our big, dominating German Shepherd is quite the pussy cat. I introduced her to the other dog being doggy sat, a chocolate lab her same age, and she was terrified. He tried to bring a rope over to play with her and if she could have jumped up into my arms to safety she would have.... totally ridiculous!

We got up to Buffalo and looked at 7 houses and have three that we are considering. Of course we need an offer on our home before we can move forward so if we don't get one in the next couple of weeks these homes may not even be available.

House #1:

This home is our top pick right now. At 2600 sq ft it is the biggest... and most expensive. It has 2 and a half baths, 4 bedrooms (a true master bedroom), family room, living room, formal dining room, huge kitchen and loads of closet and storage space. The yard is fenced and as you can see from the picture just oozing with charm, I LOVE the exterior. The neighborhood is so quaint... not a cookie cutter neighborhood, every home is different. The cons to this one, obviously the price tag, it may be over our budget, no central air, the kitchen is slightly outdated with ugly vinyl floors. What I like about this house is that it is somewhere we could stay and make updates over the years and be happy staying there even when I am rolling in the cash!

House #2

This home is part of an association... which is both good and bad... someone telling you what you can and can't do BUT 5 swimming pools, rec center, tennis courts, etc all available. The neighborhood, again, is just charming. This picture does not do the home justice. The yard is immaculate and the stamped concrete driveway is beautiful, the backyard has a two tiered deck... super cute. The association does not allow fences... so we would have to do the electric fence but Bella is already trained on it so that isn't the issue, it is just are dumb little Baby that would be the problem! This one has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, family room, living room, formal dining. The kitchen is slightly outdated and the bathrooms are horrifically outdated.

House #3

This is the smaller of the three homes. It has a really interesting layout which also causes you to lose a lot of living space. 4 beds, 2 1/2 baths, living room and formal dining room. The yard is only partially fenced so we would need to finish one side and the backyard is quite small because it is a corner lot. The other down side to this home is that the street that you enter the front door on is a darling neighborhood but the garage side street is pretty busy and not as cute of homes. It also has only a 1 car garage and with these winters we would really appreciate being able to put both cars in.

Vote for your favorite!!!!

The dog sitter dropped off the dogs and apparently they had a great time despite being a little scared and confused at first. I am so relieved that Bella is friendly with other dogs.... Jen do you and Shady need to drive out and spend the summer with us???? Bella NEEDS a big friend. The greatest is that the note the dog sitter left said that they were very well behaved but that Baby often snapped at Bella... 10lb dog that dominates 70lb dog = totally ridiculous!


Aladdin Jr.

Last night was the J.S. Wilson Middle School performance of Aladdin Jr. It was a darling play, all the kids did such a great job. Lex had a small part as one of the Prince's attendants and as a villager in the chorus.... and as a cute little camel! Instead of watching the play through the camera we decided to enjoy it. Here are a few pictures of her and her friends afterwards.


Know anyone that wants to live in Erie, PA?

We finally finished up a few of the last little projects that needed to be done around the house like touching up some paint and met with our realtor last night and.... the house is officially for sale! Cross your fingers and toes that it is a fairly painless process for us.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed a new mattress, my back has been killing me and after 14 years on the same mattress it was time. The first couple of nights were a little rough on the new set but I am loving it now and I am happy to say that I no longer wake up with a sore lower back... it is only causing me problems after I am sitting for long periods of time studying, only 2 1/2 months left of that nonsense and at least my butt will get to stand and walk around more!

I also thought we needed a real guest bed so I went ahead and bought a queen set as well. So to all my guests... no more blow up mattress! With a little rearranging it fit nicely in the corner of the downstairs family room.

We are spending this weekend house hunting in Buffalo so I will post our adventures when I get a chance! Happy Spring!!