Ceremony's and Such

Liv had her Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony last night, making her transition from Brownie to Junior. It was quite the production. First the troops came up and performed a skit. Here is Liv's troop skit.

Then, they are called one by one to cross a bridge and receive their certificate of achievement. Here I am snapping a picture too late, so all you see is the two people sitting in front of me with Liv's arm barely even noticeable as she crosses the bridge... mother of the year!

The next part of the evening requires some background info.

A few days ago.....

Me: Lex when were you going to tell me about this honor roll award ceremony?
Lex: What are you talking about, I am not in any ceremony.
Me: I thought I saw a flyer in your folder inviting us to the award ceremony for honor roll.
Lex: I don't know what you are talking about, but I will ask a friend.

Last night....
Lex: Mom, you had to receive an invitation in the mail to go to the ceremony and I didn't get one.
Me: I know I saw an invitation, look through your stuff.
Lex: I can't find anything and that would be embarrassing if we showed up and weren't invited.
Me: Okay but I am going to slap you silly if you get an award and we aren't there to see it!

Later, last night in the middle of the Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony.....
Lex: Mom, Rachel just text me and I am on the program to receive an award for honor roll... she said that if we hurry we might make it in time.
Me: Look of total indecision on my face because Nate wasn't able to make it to girl scouts and so now I was going to leave my Girl Scout alone at her ceremony while I ran Lex down the street to her school.... I said, "okay, hurry, let's go!"

So, Nate was able to get to the Girl Scout Ceremony and pick Liv up, meanwhile me and Lex get to her school about 5 minutes before they start calling the 8th grade names, hers being first alphabetically! Clearly or house is not running as a well oiled machine these days!!!! So here is a really grainy video and picture from the VERY back of the auditorium of Lex.... again, mother of the year... NOT!

Uh, she is the one on the far right!



Nate and the girls birthdayed me earlier this month, it was really nice! Presents and coldstone cake... what can be better?

I wished that I could go to Mexico with them.... but that didn't come true, I am learning that most wishes don't when you are in medical school!

Here are a bunch of pictures (I am sure in random order) of the trip to Mexico. I loved looking through them, everybody has lost so much weight and looks soooo gorgeous!
Livi learned to scuba in the pool.

Lexi sporting some sort of midget sombrero... I don't know the story here?

I LOVED to see the three of these kids together again... uh, when did Colton turn into a man? Still freaking out about it!

Ahhhh... my heart just melts to see them hanging out.... sharing an ipod.

Mexico isn't complete until you drop a load of money on painting your own ceramic souvenir! I think Liv was definitely behind this!

A bunch of HOTTIES... and one cool dude!!!

Jen obviously enjoying the resort.

Daddy - daughter pics.... how cute!

D and Diddy with a strawberry daq... mmmmm!

Denise and Brian... ain't they cute!

A good looking group.... seriously all I am focusing on here is Colton... again, I can't get over how tall he is!

Jo (aka blond bombshell) and Sean.... so cute.

And gal, where was your bikini? You look so good!

Hanging out by the pool, oh how lovely.

Hoping this wasn't Liv's beer!

I heard that the activity dude was Lexi's creeper.

The resort looks gorgeous... I am thinking probably looks wise the best one we've (minus me) all been to?