Hip Hoop

We had another busy weekend. Liv had two "hip hop" competitions on Saturday and Sunday morning and Lex had a basketball game on Saturday. In between, our youngest girl, Bellie, found time to start puppy school. The first video is of Liv's dance routine. We have about six videos of it, but for some reason neither Ang nor I can hold our hands steady while we take them. We could take our tri-pod, but that would make things way to easy and we like a challenge. Liv did awesome and her team got two more first place trophies. (volume up)

In Lex's basketball game, she had seven points, three rebounds, two steals, and three assists. And if you were wondering, yes, I do keep track of her statistics. In the video below, you can see her foul shot, two assists, a steal and 2 other baskets she made. You have to watch close. She is #12. She is getting pretty darn good.

I didn't actually get any pictures or videos of da Bellie at school, although Ang tried to get me to take some. It's really nice because Bellie only has one other classmate and it's a male Siberian Husky, so she gets a lot of personal attention from the instructor. She did very good her first day. She learned how to sit, focus, and how to take a treat without biting her owner's hand off.


Millcreek Flame's

A couple of months ago we found a place in Erie for Liv to continue her "Hip Hop" dancing and yesterday was her first Hip Hop competition. We signed her up for the "local" team instead of the "traveling" team and we assumed that, like her dance in Utah, they would have a year end recital where they performed for their parents. We were wrong. We got the January schedule and in addition to the hour practices every Sunday; there is "local" competitions and rehearsals at least once a week and sometimes twice a week. The first competition was in New York about 45 miles away.

When we woke up on Sunday morning there was about a foot of snow on the ground. The roads were slick and the visibility was low, but we made it there in just over an hour. Liv and her team performed brilliantly as you can see in the pictures below.

There were about 45 different cheer and dance routines that were performed, so we had to sit through 3 hours on uncomfortable bleachers in a HOT gymnasium, but when our little girl got up on the stage and performed; it made it all worth it. Watching her for those 3 minutes and seeing the smile on her face, was priceless! Our camera ran out of memory, so we did not get the whole thing on video, but we have two more chances this week because she has a competition on Saturday and Sunday.

When we finally got out of there, it had snowed another six inches. There were cars in ditches that had slid off the road and there was one point during the "white-out" that we both thought we would become part of a pile-up, but luckily the rent-a-car got through the ordeal unscathed. As you can see from the picture, through all the oh-shits coming from the front seat; the beautiful dancer slept in peace.


Thank You!

Thanks everyone for all the very kind words and encouragement! I feel so incredibly lucky to have you all as my family. Miss you and love you all!!

Love, Ang


The Presentation of the White Coat

I will preface this post with a note that it may be long and drawn out, but it was one of the proudest days of my life, so I want it well documented for my daughters and family to see.

On Friday, Sheryl and Rick spent an entire day (15 hours) traveling across the country in order to be with their daughter on this special day. Because of the white-out conditions and snow-pack on the runway, the North Pole (Erie) shut down the airport shortly after their arrival, but we got them to our house in one piece.

The much anticipated "white coat" ceremony took place on Saturday. We all packed into the Protege, (that's right, 6 people in the Protege) and headed to the Warner Theatre in downtown Erie. The Protege has not been fixed since Ang got run in to, so when we put 4 people in the backseat; there was a loud "rubbing" noise that made conversation difficult. With 8 inches of snow on the roads, we made it there in one piece. The first two pictures are of the outside of the theatre, the admission ticket, and the program.

The ceremony started with a few introductions, the pledge, and an "inspirational" video presentation. The keynote speaker was a girl that graduated from LECOM in 2002. She gave a speech about what it meant to be a doctor. She told how it felt to share in the hopes and fears of people, to be the first person to touch a new born baby in the delivery room and how it felt to be the last person to hold someones hand as they took their last breath. She told of what it was like to save a life and what it was like to feel helpless when there was no medicine left to cure an ailing patient. She told of how difficult it was to become a doctor, but how rewarding it was after you made it.

After the speaker, the students went up on the stage in groups of 4 and had one of the faculty members present them with their white coats and a stethoscope. We were at the back of the auditorium, but Rick managed to get a couple of good pictures, even though Ang had her back turned.

After they were presented their white coats, all the students had to stand and repeat the Osteopathic promise. I don't think words can describe how it felt to sit through this presentation and watch Ang receive her white coat. I don't think I have ever felt so much admiration for someone in my life. I tried to explain to Liv and Lex what this moment meant, but I think it will be years down the road before they truly understand what their mother has accomplished. I know she still has several years of school and a residency in front of her, but to think of everything she has already accomplished is mind-boggling. This is the girl who has raised two beautiful daughters while she attended school full-time and earned a degree in Microbiology. The same girl who got accepted to 4 medical schools as a non-traditional student. The same girl who gets up every morning, takes care of the kids, dogs, and house; studies for 10-12 hours and then sleeps for a few hours before doing it all over again. To say it is inspiring, is an under-statement.
I wish all of our family and friends could have been here! I can almost see the tears running down Craiger's face as the white coat was slid over his daughters arms. He would be so proud. I hope the pictures help you to share in our moment!


Back to the daily grind

Only three days into this semester and winter break seems like a distant memory! I am really looking forward to this weekend to celebrate my white coat ceremony with Nate,the girls, Mom and Rick(anything that allows me to blow off studying is reason to celebrate)! Thank goodness for those flight benefits.

Nate is back to the ugly task of sending out resumes and filling out those god-awful applications, not that he really took a break...the guy is a machine! He is under consideration for a couple of really great jobs in Pittsburgh so keep those fingers crossed. For the sake of his sanity I hope he finds exactly what he is looking for (and totally deserves), but selfishly, for my sake, I hope it takes a little bit longer! I don't know how I would do this without him he has been such a good sport to tolerate my schedule and take care of all the things that I can't muster the energy to do anymore.

Baby and Bella might be becoming friends at last! Baby still gets after her to show her who's boss but with the increasing difference in size I think Baby might need to start rethinking her line of attack! Aren't they just so precious!

Hope everybody is off to a fantastic start this New Year! Love you and miss you all!