Christmas 2010

I got sick to death monkeying with this video... for some reason when I uploaded the audio and video became miss-matched and it started smearing and skipping so this is as good as it gets!

Love to you all!!


Watch out Lexi

7 steals... 6 rebounds.... 2 points and 1 dad that keeps track of her stats... for the win 15 to 13 today!!! Liv is catching up with her big sis fast!

Lexi and the Billies played in a tournament this weekend and took second place, way to go babe!!

I cannot believe Christmas is in less than a week, I would like to hit the rewind button please. I will be starting my 3rd month of internal medicine on Monday. Not a big fan of working 10-12 hour days and feeling like a complete idiot for 9-11 of those hours... thank god for lunch!!

Here are some of the highlights from my last rotation:

Attending: "How did you do in organic chemistry?"
Me: "Oh I was an average student, organic chemistry is a tough course."
Attending: "If you didn't do well in organic chemistry you should have gone into interior design."
Me: Jaw drops, quickly close my mouth, nervously smile and say, "Oh, uh huh" meanwhile, think to myself, "If I close my eyes will I just disappear???"

Attending asking one of his patient's: "Do you hunt squirrel?"
Me: with scared look on my face.
Attending: "My wife has a great squirrel stew recipe. Saute the squirrel in some olive oil and garlic and then add some sausage and chicken.... some veggies, it's great. The stew isn't any good if you don't add the squirrel. But you don't want to eat the red squirrels... they are a little tough and chewy. You know when a red squirrel moves into a territory all the other squirrels leave, they're terrible."

Attending: "Do you know what's wrong with medical student's these days?"
Me: "No."
Attending: "They don't know anything. The quality of education is horrible, you need more exposure to the basic sciences... in my day.... blah blah blah.... and did I mention that both my sons have PhD's in organic chemistry... blah blah blah.... etc."
Me: thinking to myself, "I would rather die than spend one more day with this redneck asshole who clearly hates me and every other medical student that walks the earth!"

This can't end soon enough... give me the strength to keep my mouth shut, put a smile on and the ability to get back up the next morning and do it all over again!

Hope you are all finished with your holiday shopping and get a chance to relax and enjoy the next couple of weeks!


For those who may have needed an update on our super boring lives

This is basically a post about nothing, I have been in Clarion, PA for the month so we haven't really been doing anything to interesting these days.
The girls got their school pictures back awhile ago, like any good mom I buy the cheapest package and scan them in. Awesome, I know. Now I have two kids that smile with their mouths closed... I can't win.

During Thanksgiving weekend we threw up all the Christmas decorations. I have been so sad that I am not home every evening to turn on all the lights and enjoy my Christmas trees. Baby of course being the naughty little elf below... no respect and no class.

Bella is just the sweetest little thing, aside from the fact that she wants to kill and eat all other animals.

Me and Liv getting cozy in front of the fireplace, I can't wait to be home for good this Friday. I miss the girls and Nate so much, it has been a lot harder than I thought being away.... probably much harder on Nate than me.

This weekend we (I) cleaned Georgie boys cage out. Liv played with him and tried luring him around with some broccoli, she gave him a bath and then of course tortured him by holding him... reptiles are such fun pets :-D

The best part of any weekend is waking up with two cute furry animals and snuggling all morning. Both the girls had basketball games this weekend. I raced home Friday night so we could go to Lexi's and then Liv had one Saturday morning. Lexi is learning that being the only Freshman on the varsity team isn't as glamorous as she would like, we are hoping for huge wins or huge losses so she can get more playing time!! Liv is improving by leaps and bounds, the girl was in there gunning for the ball and playing some great defense. It is so much fun to have them both play the same sport for once!!

We finally finished our Christmas shopping this past weekend so it will be nice to spend this coming weekend relaxing when I get home! Happy Holiday's!!!