One more season comes to an end

Liv played in her championship basketball game yesterday, it was a nail-biter! They had to play this man's team:

Yes my friends this guy is scary!! I think he eats puppies for breakfast and he only has two volume levels: loud and louder. When he is not yelling he is jumping up and down, grabbing his head, kicking the air, throwing back a red bull to stay hydrated and so on and so forth. I don't know how they let this guy coach RECREATION girls basketball!

Unfortunately Liv's team lost in overtime and took 2nd place. Not a bad way to end a really fun season. For a girl that has been terrified to play sports I cannot believe how much Liv improved, she could barely dribble the ball when the season started! She has the most beautiful shot now and is a beast on defense... you should see this girl go after the ball, it is just surprising every time to me because she has always been such a gentle and timid girl all these years! As we were driving home after the final game we heard some words out of Liv's mouth that we never thought we would hear..."what sport am I going to play this spring?" I guess we will see about softball?! Here is a little video of some playoff highlights.

Lexi had her basketball banquet last Sunday, it is always so much fun to see the girls all dressed up, sharing memories and honoring each other for their strengths over the season. Her coach had some awards and wonderful comments for each of them as well as sharing some great words of encouragement. Of course I didn't take the camera! True to form this busy girl took one week off to rest her sprained ankle and then decided to try out for a soccer travel team... so much for thinking we would have a relaxing spring, this girl never gives us a reprieve!!!

In other news, apparently Shepherds don't have any respect for windows... I don't know what she saw out the window but when she jumped up on the arm chair to get a better look it slid with such force that we will now be buying a new window....grrrr!!!

We are certainly looking forward to spring, we are finally warming up a little this week here in Buffalo but it is so rainy and muddy that being outside is still pretty miserable!