2 more days until vacation!

I finally received my score from my first board exam.... and I passed!! It is such a relief to put that whole thing to rest. I am so sick of being anxious and stressed out that my vacation could not be coming at a better time. I just finished my last day of my pediatric rotation today and on Thursday I will take my last exam before my gloriously awaited month long vacation!

My pediatric rotation was okay, the attending physician reminded me of Bill Cosby minus the sweater. A really nice guy, he gave me a great big hug at the end of my day today, and his staff was great too. The site was Planned Parenthood so most of the patients were low income and on medicaid. It was an interesting population but honestly I found it to be really boring, I just couldn't wait to be done and out of there every day.

We have finally finished unpacking and cleaning the new house. I am absolutely IN LOVE with the area. We live in the Village of Williamsville, it is about 1 square mile within the Town of Amherst. It is one of the many suburbs of Buffalo. We are so excited to explore the surrounding area and cannot wait for Jen, Mom, Steph, Brian and Ava to get here... it will definitely be a fun filled week starting on Saturday!

The house needs some major cosmetic work... but just having it cleaned has done wonders. I just do not understand the filth that people are accustomed to living in. As we get some rooms painted I will do some before and after pictures.


My Going Away Party

Well yesterday was my going away party with my four BFF's. I was going to wait for my mom to blog this but we just had discussion that I couldn't have a Facebook until I was 12. She said that a Facebook was like a blog. And I don't really do anything with the blog. So I'm thinking if I can do a bunch of stuff with the blog, she might let me get a face book six months earlier. (but that's just my guess.)

So anyways, at my party we had fun with...

The Swing



The Presents

And last but not least the chocolate fountain!!!!!!!!


One down and... (sigh)... just one down!

I finally took step one of my boards, it was ugly to say the least. 400 questions in 8 hours... I really hate standardized tests. I left the exam feeling awful and was positive that I failed it but I won't know for another 5 weeks so I just keep moving forward and hope for the best at this point!

Meanwhile, I have just finished up my first rotation in ob/gyn. I couldn't have asked for a better first rotation, the physician was easy going, fun and I really learned a lot. I feel pretty comfortable performing pap smears and taking cultures now... I just don't think it is something I see myself wanting to do on a daily basis. The prenatal exams were fun, measuring uterine height, feeling for the position of the fetus and listening to the heartbeat. I only got to see one vaginal delivery and the rest were all cesarean sections... this physician really liked to stick to a schedule and if we were there past 1pm he was just beside himself!

I found out that I can in fact handle surgeries and I actually enjoyed them. The couple of abdominal hysterectomy's that he did were interesting because we also got to see some pathology. Scrubbing in for the surgeries is quite the process and again not something I can really imagine wanting to do every day so maybe not for me. It was really cool to see the anatomy in a live person. For the most part we just observed but he did let us assist him with some basic things like cutting, suctioning and stapling.

The worst part about this rotation was the commute, both Nate and I were commuting in separate cars to the Buffalo area. The kids did great though, Lex really stepped up and took great care of her little sis and the dogs.

I start my pediatric rotation next Tuesday which will consist of a week and a half of lectures and then I am up in Buffalo at a Planned Parenthood Clinic for the remainder of it. I think it will be a really interesting rotation because of the location and the type of patients.

Nate just started in a new position yesterday, he is excited to see another side of the company. They have kind of eluded that this position will be short lived so who knows what the future holds... we are just along for the ride!

We are only 2 weeks away from moving into our new home!!!! I drove past it the other day on my way home from the hospital and can not wait to get settled in and make it our own! The kids seem to be handling the situation okay for now so I am hopeful that we all survive the transition.