Happy 15th Birthday Lexi!

Another year of Lexi getting older means mine and Nate's youth is dwindling and hanging by a thread! Lexi wanted to have a late lunch with us so she could move on to more important things... hanging out with her boyfriend and friends. Of course as parents of a teen we will take what we can get and were happy to oblige her birthday wishes.
We lunched her at Cheesecake Factory.

After she came back from her hang out session we let her open her presents from us...

... she was well overdue for some new snowboard gear.

And to end the night we had a little cupcake.

Next week she is inviting her girlfriends over for a sleep over so the party will continue.



Liv had a phenomenal game today... 10 pts and she played some fierce "D"!!! Today was the last game of the regular season and they finished in second place. In two weeks they will go to the playoffs and hopefully end up number one! The team they will play is a little over the top, we are pretty sure the coach is trying to take recreation bball to the next level... he screams the entire time. We joke that he comes to each game after chasing 3 redbulls with a protein shake!!! The guy is a piece of work.


Winter concert and Basketball

Well I thought I had video for these past few events but it turns out that I do not know how to transfer the video from the camcorder to the computer and I have no patience to sit down and learn so all you get is narrative and no pictures because I am tired of monkeying with it!

Liv had her first concert in the school band... and when the opening performance is 'Hot cross buns' you realize that it is time to quit being cheap and get back into private lessons! Hopefully next year when she is in Middle school there will be more opportunities for her to grow and challenge herself.

Nate and I got a real kick out of the little boy sitting next to Liv (wish I could provide you with video footage... grrr). I asked her after the concert what the heck he was doing the whole time and she chuckled and rolled her eyes.... we are pretty sure he can't play a single note but he just seems so happy to be there!

I was also thinking to myself how thankful I am that Liv chose to play the flute over one of the reed instruments... I would have lost my mind if I had to listen to the squeaks for too much longer. God bless the parents that endure the hours of clarinet or saxophone practice for I am much to weak!
The concert ended with some lovely singing... not sure if any sound was coming out of Liv's mouth or not (now I might have two kids that just mouth the words)! And unfortunately there will be no musical snack of her program for your uh.... enjoyment!

All in all it was a lovely concert and tons of fun to watch Liv play and sing with her friends.

For the past month Lex has had a game every Friday night and then Liv plays her games Saturday morning. Me and Liv got volunteered to sell pizza and snacks at one of Lexi's games by a certain someone that will remain nameless who then conveniently had a work party to go to... we had a grand time though and Liv did a great job handling the money.

Lex just hasn't had much playing time so I decided to video their entrance and warm up at their home game. Of course they made about 10% of their shots on this one and Lexi's comment to me was that she wanted me to redo it so we will see if I can learn how to operate the damn camera for her last home game tomorrow... fingers crossed.

I also had footage of Liv in her game last Saturday so I will try again this Saturday :)
Nate is busy with work as usual, always taking on new challenges and making me feel like a total slacker!! He has found an indoor golf dome that he has been frequenting weekly, we have to find something to do during these long, cold winters or we may just go nuts.

I continue to despise rotations. I am done with my surgery rotation today and will be happy to move on. I feel like surgeons are from another planet and one that I would never want to live on! I start a family practice rotation next and am really looking forward to it, hopefully I will be more comfortable.

As for the weather... it sucks! I hope that large rat is right for once and we really do get an early spring!!