Just a boring update

Just checking in. Not much has been going on other than the same old thing. I am still beating my brains against the books and my laptop most days looking for every reason to quit school.... just can't think of anything else better to do! We have finished covering the basic "core" sciences and are now starting into the courses that they consider "systems" based, which combines each of our core science courses (like biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology and all the rest) and integrates them into each human body system. So the systems that we will cover before this year ends are musculoskeletal, neuroscience and clinical neuroscience. (I really can't wait for summer.)

We also have a course that runs the entire length of this semester that covers learning to take a thorough history and physical exam of patients. Yay we get to use our really expensive new medical equipment!! We just took our first exam this week which consisted of playing doctor. People from the community volunteer to come in one of the schools functioning medical clinics and pretend they are sick and we are tested on everything from how we enter the room to asking the right questions, professional conduct and various humanistic criteria, etc. I was, as usual, extremely nervous. A physician sits in and grades you (you have to pretend they are not there) while you interview your patient and try to figure out a diagnosis. I had a really nice older gentleman, and despite being nervous had a really fun time talking to him. When he asked where I was from he wanted to know all about you mormons, he was in the army with a few "jack" mormons and was quite curious and despite all my efforts to steer the conversation to his pretend illness he kept asking questions! As most of you know I love a good religious discussion but... it was neither the time nor the place. I am interested to get the perspective of the physician who graded me on how I handled the conversation as this is a great example of having to separate your personal life from your professional life. At any rate the course is a nice change of pace from the other subjects and next week we will be learning the basics of taking a physical exam and then adding to it with each body system that we cover from now until the end of our second year. FYI I suspect my patient probably had pneumonia.

Nate had a couple of really good interviews last week. We will see if what they offer is worth taking, of course it is all a waiting game so.... I guess we will wait and see! He is being super picky but I know it will all pay off in the end, keep it up honey!

Lex had her last basketball game last Saturday with the recreation team and will be trying out for the school soccer team in a couple weeks. I can't believe we are even thinking about soccer with a foot of new snow on the ground and nothing but cold in the forecast for the... forever, but I guess they practice on an indoor court until the weather cooperates. Wish her luck, not that she needs it.

Liv had another dance competition this past weekend and Nate and I being the really super prepared parents that we are jumped in the car at 8:30 Saturday morning drove 45 minutes to the event in New York and were quite puzzled as we pulled into an empty parking lot. Nate checked his blackberry for the schedule and we THEN realized that the competition was on Sunday. So we made the drive again the very next day... doh! It's always a good idea to have a dry run! But we never get tired of watching her shake her groove thang on stage so it was all worth it.

The dogs are unruly as usual. Baby's wound's (yes that was plural) are healing. We are trying out some new training techniques with Bella so she will hopefully realize that eating baby is not acceptable behavior in this family! I mean, this dog is DO -MIN-AT-ING... for all the wrong reasons. (Seriously you should see her chest! Ha, ha) And, yes Jen, the trainer recommended spraying Baby's legs with the bitter apple spray!! Dang dog! (I just keep telling myself that two dogs was a wonderful idea).

Sorry for the mini novel, I guess I got carried away!


13 on Friday the 13th.... SPOOKY

I can't believe Alexis is officially a teenager! The time just seems to slip away so fast.
Happy Birthday Lex!

Nate and I bought her some new accessories for her bedroom for her birthday. I don't dare buy her clothes anymore so we bought her this cute zebra patterned chair and the night stand next to it.
I thought these framed butterfly's would also look nice, I can't tell if the teen is impressed or not!
We also got her a few other small trinkets... a movie, a game and a gift card. Kids are so spoiled these days. Liv made her this beautiful woven heart and Lex was such a sweetheart about it, one of those few precious moments that are fewer and farther between these days.
Lex invited over some friends for a slumber party, she was not interested in having a theme party this year, I have to admit I was a little bummed! I was really excited about the whole Friday the 13th thing but have learned my lesson that an excited parent is a dorky, obnoxious parent! Here is me taking a picture of Lex AFTER she blew out her candles, my reflexes are getting slower as I age, at least that is my excuse for my crappy photography skills.

Here is a group shot of the girls before they kicked me and Nate out to listen to music at an ungodly volume (oh my God I am old) and watch some scary movies. When the music stopped we were so relieved only to hear screams and shrieks every few minutes from the movie. They are playing with the ouija board later so I am sure we are in for a long night of FUN!

I did manage to ask the ouija board one question.... will we get any sleep tonight?


Maybe I should've been a Vet

I took the pups out for a potty break this afternoon but all Bella wanted to do was eat Baby so I brought baby in and noticed something on her leg. It appears she has a gash in her leg. More specifically, a bite. This is the face of the culprit. Get a good look for she is an evil piglet!

I washed the blood off baby's little bony leg and stuffed her in my jacket and carried her around until after dinner because I am generally a freak about these things. It is a pretty bad bite, I can't see bone but I think she tore through some muscle.

I ran over to Rite aid for some saline wash and flushed out the wound and bandaged her up. I was pretty proud of the job I did and, even better, she wasn't even trying to tear it off. Of course evil has a way of sneaking up on you. About 5 minutes after I had put the dang thing on Bella tore the thing off. I nearly went ballistic on her!

At any rate the patient appears to be resting comfortably and we will re-evaluate in the morning as some stitches may be in order!


Ice Age II: The Melt Down

Well the bathroom situation got a little worse this weekend due to some warmer temps!

We woke up Saturday morning to a small pond in the bathroom, the pictures I took all turned out to dark and I cleaned most of it up before taking pictures, so these pictures are pretty lame.
Most of the water was coming in through the bathroom vent and it doesn't look like there is any damage up there but we will see, we have someone that is supposed to come and look at it today.

Nate ended up on the roof with a chisel and a hammer to tackle mother natures ice sculpture that was melting and causing the majority of the leak. Refer to the roof picture on our previous post if you want to see how big it was. He then shoveled up as much of the snow around this fine patching job the previous owners did.

I am so happy to see some green lawn, I think we actually get a few days in the upper 50's this week so hopefully the majority of the snow will melt. I will be so glad when this winter is over.


The past week

Well here is what we are still dealing with in Erie.

I took these today and as you can see we still have plenty of snow. We did warm up a little and the wall of snow melted a little but we have a ways to go. Yes we are those trashy people that still have our Christmas lights up... I am sorry, but my skin hurts just thinking about going outside so they may stay up until Easter!

Another issue we are dealing with is a roof leak, it has been leaking for two weeks! If the door doesn't get shut the dogs really like drinking out of the bowl.

As you can see we have some really nice water damage. This particular part of the roof that is leaking the previous owners must have had some damage and did a real first rate repair job.

Here is the roof situation so it appears we have quite awhile until it all melts, have we mentioned how much we hate winter?

In other news, do any of you remember one of Liv's first worst day's ever? If you are trying to figure it out it is the one in Mexico! Her newly pierced left ear got a really nasty infection and we finally decided after a year of monkeying with it to let it grow back. From time to time she still wears an earring in the right ear, it cracks me up, but Wednesday she decided to get the left redone. She chose some beautiful little "diamond" studs! Wish the left ear some luck!

Bella has been hard at work trying to learn how to be a good girl. She is really good girl... sometimes. And Baby gets treats just for being the baby.

There really is nothing sweeter than snuggling the pooches on the couch.

Lex has been MIA this week, busy as ever with school dances, bball practice and snowboarding. We are gearing up for her 13th birthday next week that just so happens to be Friday the 13th this year! I may be more excited about the theme then Lex!

I guess the dogs rule these days. First Bella, then Shady lady and now Connie Francis! At this point the dogs out number the children in my family, we may be truly sick!


Somebody needs to take the groundhog out!!

Not amused or glad at all to see that the rodent predicted 6 more weeks of winter! If I didn't have an exam I would have driven the 2 hours to Punxsutawney PA and rushed the stage and taken the heartless rat down!! Certainly he must realize how miserable this weather is.

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh... really I would love to go hang out with the locals and see the little fella in person. Who wouldn't love a groundhog named Phil? Just really ready for some warmer, less snowy weather. We still have a little over a foot of snow on the ground, sigh! Luckily the neighbor came over with a tractor and helped widen out our driveway for us, the snow banks on either side are easily 4 -5 feet tall. Nate's back may not survive another snow fall.