Gobble, Gobble

The pre-show:

The main event:

Family photo time with thankful hearts and full bellies:

The Aftermath:

We are going to devour some pie and then we are off to catch the new Harry Potter flick... hopefully I didn't miss much since I only saw the first two and that was ages ago! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we love and miss you all!


Scrimmage Saturday

Today both girls had their first scrimmage of the basketball season. Lexi made the varsity team... wooo hooo and Liv made her basketball debut on the recreational league. Unbeknown to the girls they both got assigned the number 20 jersey.
Liv's game was first, they played 3 mini games of 16 minutes each. They won their first game and lost the next two... better luck next time! It was so much fun to see her play.

Lexi's scrimmage was rough, they played a team that is in a higher division so they won't play this team during their regular season. She is the only freshman that made varsity, she did a great job... made a couple of baskets and played some great defense.


Soccer Banquet

The soccer season has ended and this afternoon I took Lexi to her Banquet. It was a delicious 5 course meal at a local restaurant, Falleta's.

Following dinner the team captain's handed out awards and t-shirts to all the girls, and thanked their amazing coach. They did such a great job, what a fun afternoon! She has been invited to the Varsity team's banquet so Nate will take her to that next week.

Lexi, with her friends Katherine and Tori... so cute!