Summer begins... for some of us!

Well nothing says it's summer like Baby running away from home... have I mentioned that this dog drives me nuts! Luckily this time she decided to come home after an hour and a half on her own. Nate and I combed the neighborhoods from 1am to 2:30am before we decided that we needed to wait for some daylight. I pulled up to the house and the idiot was barking on the back porch to be let in.... SERENITY NOW!

Things are starting to wind down for the girls. Lexi had another soccer tournament 2 weekends ago in Buffalo where they took 1st place, she got a chance to scout out some teams she might want to play on next year. She has one more 3 day tournament this coming weekend and then soccer is DONE!

And, finally, the end of the school year has come for the girls. Both of them came home with Honor Roll certificates for the year. Liv also won Artist of the Year! Way to go Liv... hoping this kid needs to eventually go to Paris for some education and takes her mom with her, right!

Lexi's middle school put on a graduation ceremony, they handed out various awards at the start before the graduation procession started... and like the good mom that I am was kind of tuning things out until I heard my kids name called! She was one of the recipient's of the Gold President's Education Award... way to go Lex and she didn't even know it!

Here is a little bit of the procession below on video.

I can't believe my Lexi is going to High school next year... I am pretty freaked out about it! Both girls have been on non stop sleepovers since school let out on Thursday, isn't summer wonderful.

Nate turned 35 this past week. He was lucky enough to get to stay in Buffalo and go out with some work friends since his wife is totally worthless for good company these days. Happy Birthday Honey! We... and by we, I mean HE, cooked a fabulous dinner for us on the weekend... I bought some coldstone ice cream and made a box of brownies (loser!) and he opened his presents from us. I was pretty excited about giving him this men's valet!

He is in the process of training someone to take over his job and will be starting a new position in the company at the start of July... they haven't told him exactly what he will be doing but that he will be working in the consumer business component of the company. I am sure he will excel, he always does!

I am still studying for my step 1 board exam. I have pushed the exam back twice now and hopefully if I don't get cold feet again will take it in a week and a half. My confidence was really shattered when I took a practice exam and got a really horrific score so I panicked I decided I wasn't ready. At this point I need to just get it out of the way... I am just exhausted with all the studying and am a complete and total bitch most of the time, so this has GOT to end! I will start my ob/gyn rotation in a week so things will be changing soon for me.

And thank heavens our house finally sold, and no problems on the inspection!

We decided to buy this charming cape cod in the heart of Williamsville Village, a suburb of Buffalo. It needs quite a bit of updating inside but in the end we had to have it because the location was just ideal... this is a place we can stay until the kids finish school... and beyond, if we want! 2500 sq/ft with 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.... and a FENCE! More pictures to come as we move in... July 16th!!! I can't wait for my August visitors!


The Dance

Lexi's 8th grade formal dance was tonight. We had so much fun shopping and getting her ready! We turned the bathroom into a sweat shop... literally, Liv had back sweat we were working so hard!

Liv worked on her toes.....

.......while I worked on her hair.

And in the end the girl looked amazing!

Her "date" brought her these very lovely roses. But I was not allowed to come to the door with her and then was warned that I better not say or do anything embarrassing. I don't think I did anything too unsightly!

One of the moms hosted a dinner at her house and we all helped out bringing different dishes, but first we took pictures! Here is Lexi and her boyfriend Kory... they are quite the cute couple.... BUT we are not allowed to date yet and I might be buying a padlock to install on the outside of her bedroom door, in hopes that she remain there until she is 30!

Lexi and her best girl friends, don't they all look stunning?

Here is one of the boys, trying their best to look uninterested and cool!

And a group shot!

They had a yummy dinner together of Stromboli's, salad, fruit, chips, soda and cookies! And then we dropped the little darling's off to the dance.

Lexi said she had a great time and that the dance was a lot of fun. I can't believe how grown up she is, the teenage years definitely scare the Hell out of me because there is so much to worry about, BUT we are having so much fun! I love you Lexi!!!