Happy Earth Day... yesterday!

Yesterday Liv made a hat for Earth day, it turned out great! Her school is participating in an Earth day parade today... not sure why they didn't do it on Earth day but what do I know.

Liv also entered a project in the science fair this year. Her and a friend did it together. They did a great job... it was interesting to watch them put it together. I sure wish most parents wouldn't do their kids projects for them... definitely saw more parents than kids explaining the projects... they seriously need to get a life!

According to their results the peanut butter flavored dog bubbles lasted the longest... I am just glad someone found a use for those blasted bubbles since my doggies don't seem to like them!


Spring activities

Now that spring is here soccer has started back up and Lex is as busy as ever. She is still on the competition team, LESC, and also made the school soccer team again this year. Nate took her to her 2 day opening tournament in Ohio last weekend where they took second place, and she had her first two soccer games this week for school. Yes, I am... is the answer to the question, "Are you exhausted just driving Lex around to her activities?"
Here are a couple of pictures from one of her school soccer games this week. She is number 15 in the blue.

A couple of weeks ago Lex and I went shopping for her end of the year formal... it was so much fun, she looked amazing in everything she tried on... and she tried on a ton. The dance will be the end of May so I will definitely post pictures!

Liv did not think it was fair that Lex got to go dress shopping so when she got invited to a pop star party she thought she needed a new outfit, of course yours truly is a sucker so... here she is all sequined out and ready to party!

Nate is still working half the week in Erie and half the week in Buffalo, we can't wait... by we I mean me and Nate... to move to Buffalo. We have only been looking on line for homes because we still haven't received an offer on ours yet. Hopefully that changes this weekend during our open house, cross your fingers!

School ends May 13th for me and then I start a summer board review to get ready for my first board exam, which I scheduled for June 4th. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, I am getting really anxious to get out in the hospitals and start getting some hands on experience, so cross your fingers that I pass that test! My first rotation is in Ob/Gyn and my second one is pediatrics and then VACATION month!!!!


New Roof

Our new, pretty green roof went on today. Wishing we would have done it sooner so we could have enjoyed it but better late than never! I guess the area that it had been leaking from was totally jacked up, the roofer said that it looked like it had several "repairs" over the years... just glad it is fixed!

We still haven't had an offer on the house yet. A couple people are interested but have to sell their homes first, which is nice to know. I just want it to be done with already, keeping the house clean has been a nightmare! I am also really sad to report that the cute gray cape cod house in Buffalo that we loved has a contract on it... I am secretly hoping it falls through just in time for us to snatch it up. I guess that is why we shouldn't be too serious about looking right now, it is really hard not to get attached!


Happy Easter!

Remind me that the beaded colored eggs are slightly more mess than I want to deal with next year! Here we are displaying our best colored eggs.

Liv was in charge of finding all the Easter baskets this year.

Bella and Baby got some soft squeaky toys, Bella went right to work and of course Baby is not impressed.

It is always a production to get Lex up and participating, I am not sure that she is entirely awake in this photo. And then me, her and Baby quickly hunkered back into the couch while Nate and Liv continued to search for her elusive basket!

Hopefully it was worth the wait! She spent all morning creating some formal gowns on her Harumika model.

This was her favorite creation, she now wants to sew it for one of her Liv doll's... I am not that creative, HELP!

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, can't wait to eat some Hammies!