Yard Work

So we finally put some more time and money into the yard. Slowly we are de-weeding and making some progress. A reminder of the before pictures of the front of the house.

And after pulling shrubs and weeds and getting super frustrated with tree roots everywhere, the after pictures. I would still like to fix the porch steps, path and put a fresh coat of white paint on all the trim among other things, but that is a project we don't have time to tackle this summer.

Liv helped to pick out all the flowers and plant them all.

And the before picture of our back porch:

Our ghetto fabulous version of a rock garden. No more overgrown ground cover creeping EVERYWHERE. We also needed a way to contain the dirt from making a muddy mess every time it rained, which is several times a week, it makes life with a Shepherd really dirty. This is the dogs space so we needed something that could resist pouncing and fetching and pacing! Liv planted her very own garden, it is the space on the far right of the picture. And, of course, we have already put good use to the fire pit... we do love s'mores!

A close up of Liv's garden. She is such a creative kid, after much thought and discussion she decided to plant a flower garden and a few beans which are in front of the white flowers. She made her own stepping stone and has been watering the flowers diligently.

I also decided that the "screened in" porch should be opened up because the only thing it was screening in was the spiders! This has made it a much better place to sit without the spider webs all over the screens! When we get around to painting the trim white I would also like to paint the interior of this white as well, baby steps.


4th of July weekend

Nate and I had the opportunity to go to one of my friends weddings' this weekend. It was a gorgeous ceremony and a really nice dinner reception just up the street from our house. Ain't we cute! Don't worry that I had several wardrobe problems, number one being we nearly had to cut me out of my dress due to those few extra pounds I am holding on to since wearing it last and the zipper getting stuck!

We decided to spend a few hours up at Niagara Falls, it is always such a pretty little walk with views that never get old.

One of the resorts in our area, Holiday Valley, has a sky high adventure park. It is a series of obstacle courses from "easy" to challenging up in the trees. There were 8 courses that consisted of various ladders, tight ropes and zip lines from tree to tree. We had so much fun. Both of the girls were fearless and we all came home with super tired muscles! And several days later my legs are still a little sore!

I am back in Erie this month, required to put in 60 hours of "on campus" study time for my board exam. Of course this means I am commuting from Buffalo and will probably be lucky to put in 40 hours a week... cross your fingers that I survive! In other school news for me, because I am an idiot I had to retake one of my subject exams last month and as a consequence to this academic failure they took away my vacation month. So I have been pouting for the past month about this but there is nothing else I can do but suck it up and get done with this year so I can be rid of this horrifying experience they call medical school. Looking forward to my test in Philadelphia in a few weeks to sneak in some time with Jen, Mom and Rick!!!