10 months and 80 credit hours done....well almost

I had my last exam of the year yesterday, yay!!! Of course it isn't over for me quite yet. Out of the 80 credit hours we completed this year I failed a 2 credit hour course...I am an idiot! So I have one more week to study for it and basically I get the opportunity for a "do over". Summer is so close I can almost taste it.

We have had some wonderful weather this past week in the 70's so Nate and I took a few hours yesterday before I buckle down for this next exam to do some yard work. We are probably the last people to get our flower beds planted but better late then never!

Our hibiscus from last year did not survive the weather so back to home depot it went for a refund. We decided to get another one and try it again (why not when you can just return it every year for a new one), the best part about it was they were half the price as last year.

I decided to do a border of white begonia's and red celosia's around the hibiscus and in the front flower bed. I talked Nate into a cute little willow tree for the front yard and a couple of yellow madame butterfly's. My cornhusker's and lily's from last year are coming back very nicely and we are so glad to see that the Japanese beetle's did not kill off our contorted filbert. I am ready to wage war against them this year!

Nate spent some time cleaning up the bottoms of the arborvitae's, they are a little sparse from all the trimming in the fall he did so we thought we should leave them alone to see how they fill in over the summer.

Grandma had asked me forever ago to show her where our house was situated on the street, so I finally took a few pictures. (Go to google maps and put in our address and click on street view and you can look at it from all angle's). The house on the side of our basketball hoop has been vacant for a couple of years so it is quite the eyesore. I meant to take a picture of it last week before someone mowed it's lawn and so we could have a competition with Jen's single guy to see which house had the worst lawn, single guy vs. vacant house!

Here is the vacant house below, don't let the lawn deceive you, last week it was a field of dandelion's!


This and That

The last couple of weeks have been busy as usual. Alexis had her last soccer game of the season and it was a nail biter for sure. They played a county team, where they breed 'em burly and tripping and shoving are just part of the game. It ended in a tie game and was a blast to watch. She also just started working out with a competition team and will try out for the team next month. A couple of days ago her seventh grade chorus class held their spring concert. Liv, Nate and I played the part of Randy, Paula and Simon and critiqued all the songs of course! It was a nice concert with a Broadway theme, even though Lex said she lip synced on the high notes!

Olivia has been running us around in circles as usual. I am hoping she is done being sick for the year with the weather warming up and school coming to an end, we always tease her that if there is someone sick within a mile radius she will end up being the one to catch it. She ended up having a doosy of an infection a week and a half ago and we are finally nearing the end of her antibiotics. I have to admit I was a little excited to get a look in her ears and throat to see what an ear infection and strep throat looked like with my fun medical equipment! She brought home this beautiful art display yesterday and thought I would share it with you all.

Bella went in for her surgery.... we are so sad that she will never be a mother (NOT)! The first weekend home it didn't seem to phase her even though I misread the pain pills and was doubling up her dose, she was busy running and jumping around as usual. I freaked out and called the Vet just sure I had overdosed the poor animal, she reassured me that it was fine and then gave us some additional pills to sedate her because she was to active. This week has been fabulous and we would like a lifetime supply of these drugs. She sleeps all day and all night and is as cuddly as can be. One side effect we have noticed is that she is a little extra "licky" she just wants to lick your hand while she lay in your lap. (She reminds me a little bit of Bif or Da pig after we fried them in the sun) Here she is below with her "wife beater" on so she won't lick and bite at her stitches in a drug induced stupor, she looks so sleazy!

School is coming to an end for me, just 4 exams left and 2 weeks to go. I am so excited to be finished and enjoy my summer break I can hardly stand it!!
Denise and Brian... get here I am ready to sip some gin and juice out on the porch and relax!


Mothers Day

Dear Mom,

Mom i hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. I don't know how you find the time to take me and Liv places and become a doctor. I know we don't always make it easy but we do love you. Thanks for being there for all that we do. We definatly have our ups and downs but that doesn't matter when we have each other. Sure you can be embarrassing but aren't all moms? Happy Mothers day!!!

-Love your Daughters

My creed:

To love justice, to long for the right, to love mercy,to pity the suffering, to assist the weak,
to forget wrongs and remember benefits,to love the truth, to be sincere,to utter honest words, to love liberty,to wage relentless war against slavery in all its forms,
to love family and friend, to make a happy home,to love the beautiful in art, in nature, to cultivate the mind,to be familiar with the mighty thoughts that genius has expressed,the noble deeds of all the world;
to cultivate courage and cheerfulness, to make others happy,to fill life with the splendor of generous acts,the warmth of loving words;
to discard error, to destroy prejudice,to receive new truths with gladness,to cultivate hope, to see the calm beyond the storm,the dawn beyond the night,to do the best that can be done and then be resigned.
This is the religion of reason, the creed of science.This satisfies the brain and the heart.

-Robert Ingersoll

(my moms favorite poem)