Is it summer yet?

Well like the rest of you we get a sick tease of delicious summer weather only to go back to rain and cooler temps. Regardless of the weather, the kids are finally finished with school for the year and summer break is happening whether Nate and I are ready for it or not! I snuck a picture of this sweet sister moment on one of our sunny days last week... I am sure Lexi will kill me for posting but oh well!

Lexi has been finished with class for a few weeks but has been busy studying for her final exams. She finished her last exam this past Tuesday and then was off to the Taylor Swift concert! Two words: spoiled rotten. Check out her FB for all her pics, she had floor seats and was almost close enough to touch her. For the next month she will be busy with friends, travel soccer and a recreational basketball league, oh and whatever boy is cute enough to interest her for the month!

I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with Liv at school on Monday for their 4th grade graduation party as well as an end of year award ceremony, she won 3rd place this year in a continental math league and was among one of the students honored... top 4 students were all girls!

Today was Liv's last day of Elementary School, next stop 5th grade at Mill Middle School! Nate and Lex went to her graduation this morning. She has been busy with party's and friends this past month and is excited for her weekend getaway at a friends cottage across the border and basketball camp next week.

The girls broke me down and talked me into more ear piercing. Liv is hoping that the 3rd time is the charm for her dang left ear to stay pierced. Cross your fingers for that to work out for us! And Lex.... oh Lex.... she has been hounding me for years to get her ears double pierced, I kept saying no and finally I caved to her UNRELENTING pressure. She did really well on her final exams and I guess she caught me in one of those weak mommy moments of wanting to reward her for all her hard work! I have to admit, she looks adorable.

I have been busy with my own exams and have level 2 of my board exams coming up next month. Looking forward to it being done and over with and coasting through my 4th year! In LESS than one year I will be finished, mark it on the calendar people: June 3, 2012!!!