Presents and Cake

We took Lex to lunch for her birthday because she didn't want to commit her evening to dinner with the family. I will now lovingly refer to her as Grandpa Tilley because she is always looking for something better to do, so nothing is EVER a firm commitment with this kid, she will throw her plans away as soon as something better comes along! I can't even get her to plan her own birthday party with friends this year because she wants to make sure nothing else exciting is happening!

We came home and let her open her presents from us. All she wants these days is clothes, clothes and more clothes... sometimes jewelry and perfume... truly a girl after my own heart.

She even gave us a little fashion show! Here she is rocking some light wash flare jeans and a western inspired red flannel shirt....

and now looking beautiful in some navy blue knit "skinny jeans" and an over sized wrap cardigan with an embroidered gray camisole... damn, I love a good fashion show!

Then we were off to her basketball game on the recreation league, of which I took no pictures, but she did have a beautiful little lay up towards the end of the game that I wish I would have videoed... dang it! I think they won by 7 or 8 points and so far are undefeated.

It will be interesting to see what she decides to do tonight because last night she was so busy making plans and waiting around for something fabulous to come along that she ended up watching a movie with me and Nate! We are also considering eating her ice cream cake from Coldstone without her... is that so wrong?

She decided to invite her boyfriend over and Liv went down to give her one more present and tried to get a picture but as you can see they evaded this attempt! I told her if she wouldn't let me take a picture that I might have a spy cam installed... she is not impressed. She did give her little sis a hug though after the picture didn't turn out!


Happy Birthday Alexis

I can't believe my little Lexi, who is only 1 inch shorter than me... so not so little anymore, is fourteen! I feel like I was fourteen just yesterday, where does the time go?

Alexis Elizabeth Barnes, now a lovely lady at 5'4", came into the world at 6 lbs 5 oz and measuring 19 inches long. Dang near perfect... even though I guess I hit her with my genetic short stick!

She was such a good baby, except for the whole sleeping thing!

She used to be quite the poser... a face only a mother could love. I remember the Easter she got the weird little fuzzy animal that we waited hours for it to give "birth" to its baby. She was obsessed with mommy's and their baby's.

A wonderful big sister from day one, Lex has always looked after Olivia, I used to call her Livi's little momma. One day she wanted to go play when Liv was around 1 yr and when I told her that she could she asked me who would be able to watch Liv, I told her that I would be watching Liv. And it was in that moment that I realized that she was unaware that mom's were able to multi task... watching their kids while cleaning, cooking, laundry and the rest! Up to that point she was convinced that she was the only one in charge of the baby!!!

Very stylish in her Harley leather jacket, 5 yrs old and almost ready for kindergarten.

I swear they start school and then somehow time speeds up, so inquisitive and innocent is replaced with a "know it all" attitude and a style all their own.

Her years at the barn are some of my fondest memories... hard work though (don't know how you do it D) her and Olivia had so much fun with Charlie and Mary Legs!

All grown up and on her way to High School... I need to some how freeze time! I don't know if I am ready for this! Basketball this year was an absolute blast to watch her play, I am so excited to see what opportunities she will seize over the next couple of years.

We love you Alexis!