Test Results

For those who asked about how my tests went, I have only got back results from one. But it was the one I was really nervous about. It was our first neuroanatomy exam on sensory pathways and I had been studying my butt off and freaking out that I was not going to pass (because I barely passed the last course by the skin of my nose - passing is a 70%). I did much better than I thought I would so I am really pleased, so I am going to TRY to be a little more relaxed for our final exam in two weeks on the motor pathways.

The course is designed to teach the anatomy of the brain and spinal cord and all the nerve pathways and then connect that with clinically relevant presentations of lesions or tumors at any given point. I was doing okay on understanding the anatomy and pathways but was really struggling to understand how to diagnose a lesion based on a patient presenting with certain symptoms. At any rate it all worked out!!! (Nate is about ready to kick my butt because I am in continual freak out mode - I also told him I was not pleased that he posted those lovely pictures of me and he better watch out for some equally unflattering pictures of himself in the future!).

The other exam was a practical where we had to perform a physical exam on a standardized patient and report our findings to the physician observing us. We have only learned four types of exams so far, and they picked one at random for us to perform as we arrived. You get two grades on this, one from the physician on technique and thoroughness of procedures and one from the patient on humanistic aspects. I think it went really well, the only thing I forgot to do was introduce myself!!! I am such an idiot I came in the room said hello, made some chit chat and explained the exam I was about to do when she stopped me to ask my name... oh well if there was one thing to forget I guess that would be the one. Only 51 days left until freedom, but who is counting!!


Our Life <33

Well, like Jen, I thought it was time to post a little update on the goings on in Erie. For the last month since the "Great thaw" we have been dealing with a lot of rainy and wet weather. This makes it really fun with the dogs tracking mud all over the house. We have not trained Billy on the invisible fence yet, so we have had a 50 foot lead that we let her roam around the yard on. It works well, but she gets herself wrapped around the trees or the "arCHividas" about every ten minutes. To pass the time when she's stuck, she digs holes in the grass and mud. We then have to go out in the mud and get her unstuck, which means that we have to clean up the mud on both of us. She is a TERROR when she's in the house, so we have to put her out just to keep our sanity. Ang had a great idea to install a "zip line" in the yard so she won't get stuck. The pictures below show the installation and our girl enjoying the resort:

I have to be a lot more accurate when I'm playing fetch with her or the ball gets out of her reach. Some of you non-dog owners (Sheryl) will probably wonder if all the trouble is worth it, but just like with children, those precious moments when Billy rests her head on your leg, make all the work worth it. On a side-note Liv has asked me 3 or 4 times when she gets to enjoy the zip-line. Any idea on making this possible??

Ang has been studying about 12-14 hours a day in preparation for her two tests on Monday. The only time we get to see her is when we get to play "patient". It is nice to finally be getting some benefits out of Ang going to medical school. I have had my eyes, ears, and nose checked. I have had my blood pressure and pulse rate checked numerous times, and you will be pleased to know, I am in excellent shape (I just sounded like Craiger, didn't I?).

Liv loves getting a "check-up" and she plays the role of the patient great. In the picture above, she is asking Ang questions from a note card. When we can find our teenager; she also does a great job, although she refuses to pose for a picture.

Liv started tennis lessons on Friday. She has been asking for lessons for a while because her dad had taken her as far as his knowledge allowed and tennis is her FAVORITE sport. Lex has her first soccer game on Tuesday, so we should have some more interesting things to blog about in the next week.


Liv has a STORY to Tell

A couple of weeks ago when I was going through Liv's backpack; I saw a flyer for a book writing contest. Of course Liv was very excited about participating. She immediately started putting together ideas for the book. A couple hours later she came down with the story and by the end of the day she had all of the pictures drawn. We did not give her any direction or any help; she came up with the story and pictures all on her own. I think she did a FABULOUS job and I thought it was so good that I decided to take pictures of it and share it with our family and friends. She turned it in on Monday, so we will let you know if she wins anything, but in my eyes; it just may be the greatest story ever told.



Me and my dad went to Bella's graduation. We got in the car, and Bella looked a little sleepy.

And she was drooling a lot.

She knows sit, focus, down, rollover, stay, wait, and come. It was like a regular day of training.

But at the end they got deplomas and...

hats to wear for the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First i tossed a cube up in the air that had all kinds of comands on it. And wich ever comand i saw first we would have to do that comand.Then we walked up and down the iles. Boring with a capetal B.Then we went back in the room and got Bella's deploma and got the pictures taken.

But when we got there Bella was tired, and on the way home Bella was tired.

Sleepy head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Good and The Bad

The Good:

Lex made the Honor Roll... Congrats to her!
.......and the soccer team today..... Congrats to her again!

The Bad:

When you mess with your locker the locker always wins.... Lex lost this round and as a consolation prize won a trip to the ER and some stitches. She is quite the trooper because we went straight from the ER to the last day of soccer tryouts, you gotta admire her hustle!

Jen, I considered calling animal control on the locker but I was not willing to risk Lex getting quarantined!


Liv's bunk mates

I went to check on Liv the other night and found her snuggling her favorite stuffed animal, so I thought before another day goes by I should blog it. I know she is 8 and on the fringe of being a tween but she is still my baby and has some pretty dang cute moments.

This is Slothinator, she has been cuddling him every night for the past 2 1/2 years. I found him in Peru and when I told her the story of the baby sloth I got to hold in one of the villages she just fell in love with him. I don't blame her either, he is made of alpaca hair and is quite a fetching animal, if I do say so myself! We love his wild hair and wonder if he gets a little crazy at night while we sleep, then we remember he is a slow moving animal and it is probably just a bad case of bed head!

Liv often worries that Slothinator misses her during the day and wonders if he might get jealous when she gets a new stuffed animal that gets more attention. I always tell her that he is a sloth and enjoys sleeping most of the time and I don't think that he minds at all. Besides, he has a best friend, Tord (a tortoise, of course), who she acquired on one of our trips to Mexico to keep him company.

She tucks the two of these guys in EVERY night and I dread the day she decides she is too old for them. I often wonder out of all the stuffed animals this kid has why these two ended up as the favorites? Regardless, it truly tickles me that she loves them so much.