Yard Work

So we finally put some more time and money into the yard. Slowly we are de-weeding and making some progress. A reminder of the before pictures of the front of the house.

And after pulling shrubs and weeds and getting super frustrated with tree roots everywhere, the after pictures. I would still like to fix the porch steps, path and put a fresh coat of white paint on all the trim among other things, but that is a project we don't have time to tackle this summer.

Liv helped to pick out all the flowers and plant them all.

And the before picture of our back porch:

Our ghetto fabulous version of a rock garden. No more overgrown ground cover creeping EVERYWHERE. We also needed a way to contain the dirt from making a muddy mess every time it rained, which is several times a week, it makes life with a Shepherd really dirty. This is the dogs space so we needed something that could resist pouncing and fetching and pacing! Liv planted her very own garden, it is the space on the far right of the picture. And, of course, we have already put good use to the fire pit... we do love s'mores!

A close up of Liv's garden. She is such a creative kid, after much thought and discussion she decided to plant a flower garden and a few beans which are in front of the white flowers. She made her own stepping stone and has been watering the flowers diligently.

I also decided that the "screened in" porch should be opened up because the only thing it was screening in was the spiders! This has made it a much better place to sit without the spider webs all over the screens! When we get around to painting the trim white I would also like to paint the interior of this white as well, baby steps.


Sheryl said...

WOW! You guys have really made progress. That looks soooo much nicer. I wish we were coming there instead of to Philly. I need to see it in person. My vacation time re-ups in Sept, so I might have to make a quick weekend visit before the snow flies. I can't believe how long it has been since I was up. :-(

The yard looks amazing. You really have a knack for things like that.

~Cynthia~ said...

Everything is looking great. You guys really know how to go to work. Pulling up shrubs is no easy task.

Jen said...

As always, count on the Barnes family to class things up.

Steph Thompson said...

It really is amazing how much of a difference the yard can make! Wow! I wish that my yard was coming along even half as nicely.....sigh.

Grandmajoann said...

It all looks great. Isn't it nice to freshen things up! Makes life just seem better.
Your girls are growing up so fast, and are so beautiful. And, Ang, I can't believe you are so far along with your schooling. Keep us all the good blogs and facebook. It will be the only way I will see you. Come home for a visit, Please.

N and J said...

We are looking for some creative persons to untangle our unruely acre of ground. However, from what we see of your accomplishments on your yard you would pronably be too expensive for us. Oh well, it is nice just to set in front of the waterfalls and watch the weeds grow. Hope you are all having a warm and exciting summer.