Happy Easter!

Here in the Barnes house we celebrate Easter because we believe a giant rabbit brings us sweet treats in exchange for colored eggs and we get to gorge on hammies... a day devoted to chocolate and ham, what could be better?

Yesterday the girls colored there eggs. Here are Liv's creations:

Lexi refused to pose for a picture but here are her lovely eggs:

Liv woke up this morning and led the hunt for baskets, she couldn't get Lex to wake up so she went solo. She found her basket, mine, Nate's and the animals.

A couple hours later I went in to wake Lex... the teen queen was pissed off that we didn't wake her up! After a few minutes of apologies she came to join us and made Liv go search for her basket. And NOT happy about a picture.

We wrapped up the day with a yummy dinner... hope you all ate your hammies! We missed the family so much, wish you were all here to celebrate with us, love you all!

Oh, and just because this is the sweetest most snuggly animal on the planet, I had to post this picture!


N and J said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day. Glad the bunny made it through rain, sleet or snow. Wish you had been here yesterday for the annual egg hunt at Barnes' Park. We missed each of you so the blog was even more special to see the girls are still excited about the hunt and enjoying a special day with family. Hope someday soon we can be with you again. Love ya all=====

Sheryl said...

Well, we all wish we were there with YOU because we did not get Easter hammie here in AZ. We got SQUAT for Easter. Not so much as a dried marshmallow peep!

You all had way more fun than us!

Jen said...

I didn't think I was going to get hammies for Easter, then Denise texted me that Sean was smoking meat and I was welcome to join them. After a moment of confusion (Sean is smoking what? Why would you try to smoke meat?) I realized what she meant and I joined them for dinner. The pork roast was the tastiest thing I have ever eaten.

We miss you guys!

Sheryl said...

Jen, you should tell Seany "don't smoke, and don't do drugs".

I love pork.

Steph Thompson said...

I wish we were with you because you cook the best holiday meals! I did eat my hammies, and probably someone elses share as well!